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    2,511 Not Paying for Cruise Clicks generates their revenue when a visitor clicks on a link that displays after a search is initiated. I've been a affiliate since shortly after they started their affiliate program in January 2006. In January 2007, I noticed a new product listing call "Other." The clicks displayed on my Linkshare reports with 0.00 compensation. I emailed the affiliate manager to ask what it was. He said it was for Cruises which they had just started offering on their site. At that time, he said they had not yet determined what the affiliate commission would be as they would need to wait to determine what their revenue from their product would be. More than a month later, I emailed him again asking for an update since I was still not being compensated. He didn't respond. Several weeks after that, I followed up once again. Still no response. It's now been at least four months and we're still not being compensated. In Linkshare, states:
    50 % revenue share is offered to you on all revenue generated by Kayak from visitors who are sent to us from your site. Kayak does not sell the travel products displayed on our site, but generates referral fees by sending qualified traffic to travel suppliers, agencies and other advertisers displayed on (typically between $0.50 and $1.00 per click).
    There has never been any systemwide communication from to their affiliates. I know their affiliate manager has other marketing responsibilities as well. I think it's obvious that their affiliate program is not a priority.

    I've had more than 450 clicks in the "Other" category that I haven't been compensated for, nor has Linkshare.

    Ranae, will you please look into this and let me know if Linkshare approves of this since clearly states that affiliates will be compensated on all revenue generated from affiliates?

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    FYI, cruise is the largest mark up in comparison to flight, car rental or regular hotels.

    For companies like orbitz, they make
    -Flight, $3-5 per transaction plus % commission
    -Hotel, $3-5 per transaction plus % commission or %% commission
    -Car, $3-5 per transaction plus % commission or %% commission
    -Cruise, up to 30-50% commission

    FYI: Yahoo / Overture - 1st place bid for terms like cruise, cruise vacation is $3.92
    Ma, where the beer? :escape:

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    Just a short time ago, a new Cruise product ID showed up in Linkshare. The number of transactions for May is exactly the same as what displays for Other. The difference is that we are being compensated for the clicks that are now identified as Cruise. Other still displays $0.00 compensation. There are still more than 400 Other clicks that date back to January 2007 that have not been duplicated and compensated in the Cruise product. I sure hope that we will be as in my case, it accounts for a little over $100 because they are compensating 25 cents/click for Cruises.

    Yesterday, I received a PM from Ranae indicating that she had passed along my original post to the Linkshare Kayak program manager. Thank you, Ranae, for your efforts in getting this issue resolved quickly. I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to post about it.

    Now if you could just try to get us compensated for all Cruise clicks which began at some point in January.

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    Now if you could just try to get us compensated for all Cruise clicks which began at some point in January.

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