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    December 14th, 2006
    Thumbs down Rapidfax haven't paid for march or did they?
    I have been with linkshare since february.I ran mainly rapidfax campaign.When time came to pay my commission LinkShare told me that Rapidfax haven't paid yet.
    I ran their reporting tool and saw that rapidfax has paid for february and april.

    I have contacted linkshare and all I got is automatic email reply.
    I contacted them once again and was advised that I need to run their reporting tool to see if merchant has paid.They even included a screenshot that showed rapidfax paid for february and april.
    I called linkshare and left a message-no one called back. No one emailed.
    I e-mailed rapidfax and they never replied .

    Is there anything I can do (as far as talking to lve person) other then e-mailing and getting same old auto-respond ?

    Out of 1800+ commission I havent seen even a dime.And it's been 3+ months.
    Any comments?

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    Can you please PM me your LinkShare username and email address. Without looking at your account, I can't tell why you have not been paid. It sounds like you might be on a payment hold or maybe you have a payment threshold set?


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