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    Who to go to for html , php and css?
    Hello comrades.

    For a while now I have been looking around for a good web designer.
    I given up on doing it myself for lack of creativity skills so the best solution I ever came across was a freelancer website.
    Unfortunately I didn't have a whole lot of luck (or success if you would) with finding web designers for 'dressing up' script or maybe coding something from scratch.
    I also learned that it could get *really* expensive by going "trial and error" path when picking up a web design company/professional.

    I need your help.

    Some of you might know someone trustworthy and what's most importnt for me - PROFESSIONAL and PRFECTIONIST in what she/he do.
    I don't nessessary look for a cheapest one just profecient in graphic designs,css and php . Please post in this thread or feel free to email me mitty2005 at

    Thank you,


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    You might try giving a few more particulars. Is it a merchant site with cart involvement? Can the developer be offshore or do they need to be local to you?
    Some of you might know someone trustworthy
    Throwing in some evidence of your own credibility wouldn't hurt either. I'm not trying to be smart here but good developers don't have time to chase work.

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    You can try a site called eLance dot com. As long as you can define your needs/requirements in detail you will have a number of people bidding to do the work. I've used this service and have had excellent results for very small investments.

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    I've got a good one that I've worked with in the past. PM me if you want his contact info.
    Jason Rosenbaum
    Affiliate Manager

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