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    And still receive my commission? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    I've seen a couple of sites with CJ links but without the CJ-generated 1 x 1 tracking image. Is it okay to do this?

    I tried several searches of the archives here but couldn't find an answer.


    Edit: I should add that the tracking image is especially annoying during site development, when multiple reloads generate numerous false impressions, possibly hastening termination by a conversion-sensitive merchant. And I have too many links to make removal/replacement during testing feasible.

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    Depends on the merchant. But it does right there on the html generating pages where you capture your code that you need to put the code in it's entirity to be guaranteed your commissions. Your best bet is to contact your merchants and explain the situation to them to make sure and have documented proof if they say it is OK.

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    Thanks for your response! I thought it might be common knowledge here that the tracking image isn't required, but if it isn't and is merchant-specific, then to me it's not worth the risk.

    The damn thing stays in. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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