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    January 17th, 2005
    We currently use Qwest DSL which privides 640k service. We are planning to add a new desktop and Qwest wants additional money for setup and more monthly to go to 1 Meg which they say is required to support additional systems. Cox is offering 3 megs for less money and almost no setup fees. Plus they say can be used on up to 4 systems. Ironically Qwest service was interrupted tonight as our family was discussing a possible switch to cox. This switch would also possibly include TV and phone.

    Can anyone give any input here regarding Qwest & Cox and the quality of service, downtime, satisfaction or dissatisfaction, etc.

    Many thanks in advance!!

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    January 17th, 2005
    Los Angeles area
    Hi, T-Bone:

    I'm on a Cox Cable modem in Southern California -- a bit south of Los Angeles.

    They're..."not bad" I guess. Uptime is probably > 95-98%. Download speeds slow a bit on Friday and Saturday evenings, when other folks on the cable are (I guess) downloading videos or something.

    I've called them when they had an occasional systemwide outage, and always got a real person on the phone who knew what the general problem was.

    On the other hand, when I was having problems with their local DNS server not resolving some websites properly, it took a number of discussions with them to get them to understand and verify the problem. Then their promised "fix" to it (updating their DNS server tables) didn't happen. I finally had to find my own workaround.

    Their techs showed up right on time to install the cable modem and verify it was working. But when working on the above software problem they first requested some "time windows" when I'd be *sure* to be home in case they called, but then they called me at a completely different time.

    They seem to do O.K. with the routine stuff, but fall down when non-routine problems come up.

    They have an interesting policy on multiple computers on one account: If you tell them you want multiple accounts (with multiple e-mail addresses) they'll charge you a bit more. And recommend a simple switch on the output of their modem.

    I told them when I signed up that I was going to take my single account and split it up via a router/firewall to go to multiple computers. They said they didn't care what I did with the signal, but that they'd only help troubleshoot a single-PC setup -- any other problems were all mine. When I had the DNS problem above, before they'd look at it they insisted I remove the router and plug my main PC directly into the cable modem.

    I have no problem with that policy, it's fair. If I want multiple-PC handholding from them, I have to pay for it. But I don't need it, so I don't.

    I can't get DSL where I live, so it's Cox or dialup. Hope this info helps you -- nice to have a choice!

    -- Mike

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    January 17th, 2005
    We're in the same town, Scottsdale, so this is right on target. I used to have Qwest DSL in Phoenix and had little down time. When I move my server to Scottsdale, only Cox cable internet was available.

    With Cox cable internet there has been much more downtime but it is improving.

    The killer is last Wednesday, for some unknown reason, Cox cable internet changed by reverse DNS address. My list server went down.

    Two days later I finally figured out the problem. I never imagined Cox cable internet would change my reverse DNS address so I never looked into it. It's like changing someone's phone number without telling them.

    So, after two days, I called the local Cox cable internet tech support and they had to send a work order to fricken Atlanta to make the change. Atlanta!

    The next day the change was made. The following day the new address was propagated well enough throughout the internet. Except, the geniuses at Cox cable internet put a typo in my domain name! So, I'm still down.

    Yesterday, Saturday, when I found the screwed up repair, I call the local Cox digital internet tech support and they put in another work order to Atlanta.

    But, of course, Atlanta won't be able to make the change until Monday, at the earliest, because Cox cable internet tech support in Atlanta doesn't work on weekends.

    So, I'm going to be down for 6 days because of a problem caused entirely by Cox cable internet.

    This problem could have been solved with a 10 minute phone call to the local ISP when I had Qwest DSL. With Cox cable internet you are dependent on their tech support and it stinks.

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    We have Qwest DSL and Cox here in Omaha and, although I use neither, I have heard complaints about the DSL. Everyone with Cox I know has been pleased. Hope that helps some.

    Ron - 7 Days A Week Marketing

    Every day is a chance to learn something new and a opportunity to teach someone else.

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