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    Spyware Bill In Congress
    The House of Representatives is debating a bill to limit spyware.

    The debate is on CSPAN right now (Tuesday AM) if you want to turn it on and watch it.

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    lack of replies here, i think, is indicative of our general apathy towards them as a solution... they've been debating these bills for years while identity theft and other financial crimes are higher than ever before. bunch of old dudes living cake lives who largely don't understand technology. what happened to the clamor for term limits... i digress...

    go congress!

    i mean go as in leave, ouch, i digress again...

    doing it twice now, being experienced and all, a politician might call instead call it "pro"gress... there i go again...

    congress... is that the opposite of progress? argh, not again...

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