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    Eastwood Suspends Acceptance of New Affiliates
    I just noticed this is posted on CJ Advertiser Details at Eastwood -

    Please Note: Eastwood has temporarily suspended the receipt and acceptance of new applications to the Commission Junction affiliate program. All applications will be automatically declined until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause....etc..

    That's an unusual move. I wonder if they are having financial problems?

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    maybe it's something better, like a network change or something...

    signup page on their site still points to cj.

    their terms say:
    For example, we may reject your application if we find that it:
    is in any way associated with known syware or adware companies, including, but not limited to, Claria, 180Solutions, or WhenU; sets cookies without a user action;
    uses pop-ups, toolbars, Browser Helper Objects (BHO's), or downloads to promote the site (see #8 below);
    SPYWARE AND ADWARE: Any affiliate suspected of a relationship, formal or informal, with any provider of spyware or parasitic software (as judged by any interference with the operation by design of MERCHANT and/or its partner sites) is subject to punitive actions by MERCHANT, without notice, including but not limited to: suspension of affiliate account; termination of affiliate account; withholding of payments to affiliate; and public notification of affiliate's suspected malfeasance. MERCHANT encourages affiliates to report suspicions of such relationships; and, should substantial proof, as judged by MERCHANT, be provided, MERCHANT reserves the right to assign a value equal to unpaid monies earned by the offending affiliate (or a part thereof) to the reporting affiliate as a bounty.

    Maybe CJ's booting them... :-)

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    If they are changing networks, they could at least put a mechanism in place (at their own site), where they would gather potential affiliates' e-mails or something...

    Interesting situation (not so much about that CJ notification as about that sign-up link from their site still leading to the CJ sign-up form when sign-ups are impossible).


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