Nestled gently inbetween the typical generic "Don't bid on our trademakeked name, items, domain, and don't even think about direct linking" statement was this beauty:

"You may not outbid the house campaign on any term, branded or generic."


Not that I am active with this particular program at the moment, however, if I was:

1. I would be promoting multiple merchants, so I would simply remove you from that page.

2. Some of my domains will contain those search terms in them, which is true for many affiliates. So, you have the right to bid on my domain name, but I do not have the right to bid on mine, hmmm.

I swear before God someone needs to take keyboards away from some Affiliate Managers, and they need to pass Smart School before getting them back. Maybe if they wrote this crap out in pen first they would have time to think about what they are actually implying/saying.