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    Has anyone heard of Wink?
    Better than white pages, Wink free people search lets you find people at social networks like MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn & Friendster, and other online communities. Includes name search plus location, school, work, interests, and more.

    Have you heard of Wink? Have you used it?

    What's the difference between LinkedIn and Wink?

    Somebody sent an "invite" for me to join -- I'm debating whether I should or not?

    It looks like I'd be linked to a certain guy
    I think I've joined too many of these things?

    Here's more info:
    Wink is a free people search engine that searches over 170 million people online. You can use Wink to find new friends and re-connect with old friends. Once you have set up a Wink profile you'll see how easy it is to share your online life with your friends. You can show your MySpace account, your Flickr photos, your latest blog entries -- all on the same page!
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    Wink is a people search engine. They search many of the major social networks and provide links to profiles. Apparently they have their own profile system, but I don't think that's the main point of their service.

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    Are these things getting too close for comfort?
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