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    Doubble Zappos Commission Reversals For March ??
    Did any 1 else get this email and more importantly did any 1 get a make good payment? I have not seen a bean and when i contacted zappos about it they said if you were affected CJ will be in touch (pffft sure they will, bit like tracking is never ever affected) lol

    I waited for a while before posting this to see if anyone else was going to but i havent seen anything, so thought id see if anyone else has had any joy.

    Dear Valued Publisher,

    This note is to inform you of an issue Commission Junction experienced in processing March 2007 corrections. Random transactions pegged for reversal were processed twice causing a “double reversal” effect. All affected transactions have been identified and new “make good” transactions will be imported in the system. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Please note that this issue is isolated to March transactions only. Responsibility rests solely on the shoulders of Commission Junction. was in no was in no way responsible

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    I got the email also. Since it was an intermittant problem, and my reversals appeared normal < 30% >, I did not pursue the issue. Maybe I should, but if you have ever tried dealing with a messenger at CJ over something that may or may not be owed to you, well..............

    I suppose you could download a spread sheet of all of March's transactions and then sort them by amount or date. You might be able to recognize dupes. Then you might want to look for the possible "make good" somewhere.. who nows where it might be posted . Once you have the facts .... contact CJ.

    I wish I had time to mess with it, but I don't see a problem in my account, and I just don't need to hassle with it.
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