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    How expired domains make money?
    Hello there veterans and noobs.
    I have a question. How can I capitalize (other then google ads) from expired domain that once used to be popular?

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    As a starting point I would place similar type of content, or merchant lead links to the type of content that a "once popular site" had up that made them popular in the first place.

    Might as well monetize on the former "popularity factor" while gauging the site visitors interests, keywords they used to locate the site and then track visitor movement on the server for the "big picture view".

    Then, I'd look at the data & stats and determine what's hot, what's not .... then restructure the site offers according to site visitor logs and sale conversion factors.
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    Most people will tell you that these days expired domains are useless. This is because once ownership has changed hands google treats this as an entirely new domain. Also be careful with expired domains as there could be other things you don't know about them, such as if they have been kicked out of google which would render these domains as good as useless. However, if this did happen you could try using the reinclusion tool from within google webmasters tools but prepare to be patient as google will be in no rush to reinclude you. I would personally stay away from these domains, could be more trouble than they are worth.

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    why not create a site with great content related to that subject and then compliment it with adsense and affiliate offers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shopsat24seven
    why not create a site with great content related to that subject and then compliment it with adsense and affiliate offers.
    Or, if you have more than one, take the quick and easy-way, and simply "park" the domains at a service such as SEDO or NameDrive. Then, as you have time, pull them out of the "parking lot" one at a time to develop them as shopsat24seven suggested.

    If they still have traffic because of existing inbound links you will begin receiving immediate benefits. Then you can look at the parking stats and decide which to develop first. Just my 2-cents, but that is one way I have approached expired domains.

    Another thing I have done it to redirect the traffic to one of my existing site pages - where there is either related content or product information.
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