Haiko and others,

While I normally put these things in the proper place, I feel an urgency here as never before.

We need a dedicated forum or place where we can collectily put suggestions and information for "fighting back" against parasites.

I know some things are being done behind doors but I just don't see any progress and I'm not so sure that "secrecy" will help us fight this any better.

I plan on filing complaints against ebates as well as each network that is in my opinion "breaking their on terms of service" and by doing so has been aiding certain parties to commit fraud!

I've previously filed a compliant but it was broad in scope and I want to file specific complaints against each one of them. When you file a complaint, they will ask for information as well as resources and references for supporitng data. I'd like to have that information source be here on this forum and presented in such a way as it will make everyones ability to file "like compliants" so we can get this issue addressed quicker.

For example (as pointed out by Allen Nance):

In CJ's agreement section 2.2 Use of Links to Advertisers.

"You shall not cause any Transactions to be made that are not in good faith, including, but not limited to, using any device, program, robot, Iframes, hidden frames, JavaScript popup windows, redirects or clicking on Links that You place to the Advertiser."

This information is very applicable and in my opinion shows just how bad CJ is participating in ebates fraud.

I'm not sure how the best way to organize this is - in the fraud forum, the parasitware forum or somewhere else but I do feel that if we collectively get and put information for supporting data as well as general information it maybe just maybe it will help help us get the networks and parasites to change their current minds about how they are proceeding.

Until we organize effectively and demonstrate we can and will pursure them in effective means you can be assured we will continue to get shit on, abused and taken advantage of.

My first post over this ebates crap suggested the ebates issue would only be an indication of where results from the Nov 7th meeting would be heading and that any NON response from the networks regarding this issue would likely confirm the results from the meeting as a farst which was anticipated by many. I stand by that statement and the networks have rang a defening silence.

Any suggestions towards filing complaints and providing places for supporting data to complaints is desparately needed if we are going to have a chance a winning this battle. Some of these threads would need to be read only and some are needed for ideas.

Maybe I'm full of shit and the only one stupid enough or willing to say I've previously filed and that I now plan on filing individual complaints against each one of them but I think some could / would use information to file in private - if information was provided. If identification is an issue for others, all the posts approved for addition could perhaps be added under an "alias name". This may bring other information to the forefront without users being paranoid they will be punished or targeted for participating in such actions....

Comments and suggestions from others that would like to see this as well would be appreciated.