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    February 15th, 2007
    Wink Been Missin' you guys!
    My old computer, a PC, died unexpectedly and I had to go get a new computer. I got an Apple Mac Mini, because I'm sick of viruses and being scared of the internet. I'm on it too much!

    But I had to "recover" all my passwords and user names - that took some doing! I'd begun a tracking file, but it wasn't correct - particularly for my SAS and ABestWeb logins! so I had to find the correct info, fix the file & log in correctly.

    Anyway, I like to lurk, read a lot of postings by these amazing people in AM and I've set a goal. Any pointers would be welcomed!

    I have a goal of $5K US a week. I know that won't happen overnight. I took a job and cut my income by 80% (that job went away Fast!) and now I have to rely on my AM and ad income, almost completely. Anyway, I set an immediate goal of $1K/week and then double that, and then double it again. Once I can do $1K/week, the rest should be easy!

    So, without further preamble, does anyone have any ideas that can help me bring my traffic back up to where it was in January (articles and links I know, anything else?) and does anyone have any ideas for specific offerings or marketing campaigns that might help me get to my first goal?

    I know, AM is not a GRQ, any more than anything else is, but if there is a particular program or manager who might be willing to help me bring my site back from oblivion, I'm interested. My topic/niche won't change, but I am very teachable right now.

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    Congratulations on your goal-setting. I find that to be one of the hardest places to begin - narrowing down the to-do list to make it as manageable as possible.

    Here is one suggestion from one cat lover to another - Add a Featured Product image to your home page with Featured Product text and make both clickable to that dedicated page. This call out will draw more attention to the product which should lead to more sales. (By the way, I have some great cat check designs, if you're interested.)

    I know rgrsgrl will have some great advice for you.

    Take care,
    Kim Salvino, Client Services Director, Performance Horizon Group
    Reach me at kim.salvino(at) or on (443) 617-4036

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    Is that $1000 per week in revenue or income??

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    February 15th, 2007
    Hi folks!
    Kim, thanks for that idea!
    Chuck, that's income!

    I'm tired of working for other folks! I need enough to pay uncle sam & still have something to live on.

    Hey, once I do the first grand-a-week, it will be easy to double it! That's the plan...
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