The effects of doing business with parasites & Dupers like Morpheus -LimeWire- Kazaa -eBates -Gator -iWon etc etc. hurt a merchant monitarily more than just the rants from irate affiliates. This partnership with the "darkside" of affiliate marketing also scews all the merchant/affiliate stats to build distrust from all sides. Stupidity and laziness on the part of CJ merchant AM's is NETorious.

Merchants wrongfully see they no longer need the expense of handling so many affiliate partnerships and weed out those who seem to be not performing. They then cater and expend time exclusively with the needs of Dupers and parasites and forget the pre-sell text, product displays and resulting high conversion landing pages. The hijackers do not need this crap when they rely exclusively on the context of other people's work to trigger POPups based on targeted keywords or push coupons and "incent" traffic. Therefore they cut out the time, for normal affiliates, to make seasonal displays -product specials or even updating their individual product links leading to OOS pages. This ruins the chances for normal affiliates, who will be around forever, to get conversions when you factor in the link hijacking -cookie & ID# swapping going on behind the scenes.

Case in Point -Fredricks of Hollywood just sent me this e-mail before the start of the Holiday shopping period:
"Termination Reason We apologize for the inconvenience, but your affiliate status with Frederick's of Hollywood has been suspended for lack of activity."

Quarter to date sales activity for one of my sites...............LOL
Frederick's of Hollywood earnings= $15.60 sales=3 returns=0 click throughs=648 impressions= 49,700 CTR=0.012 $0.36 0.006 EPC for my site= $2.85

Prior to the parasites I maintained a 7.45 EPC with these fine folks.
THEY ARE A MORPHEUS merchant and also have allowed other parasites and the "incent" Duperaffiliates to take over their programs.

The decession has been made for me. I was going to make the same move and drop them anyway and promote BareNecessities exclusively on all my apparel pages and lead-in pages to my CyberMall sections. I will not support or showcase parasitic laiden CJ merchants on my pages.

WebMaster Mike