Has anyone ever used the above service?

I am about to pay them their $12.00, but I usually get royally stooged every time I think I have found a bargain.

The first thing I usually do is check a sites popularity in alexa, before handing over any money. They have a ranking of 8530, which means that they are popular.

..and ALL of their members are PayPal'ers, which is very useful to me!

I am just concerned that I will get sent a list of safelists that I have to join manually. That has happened to me before. It's hardly worth paying the money if I have to do all that work. I may as well just go join heaps of free lists myself! did this to me. ..and when I complained that they hadn't stated it on the site, they simply ignored ALL my emails [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

Or, does anyone elese know where I can send lots of opt-in emails, (no spam) for cheap?