Have used the coupons/promo codes or credits (whichever you wanna call them) for Google and once I opened the account they didn't appear to have expiration dates for when you had to use up that amount, msn unfortunately did and was a pretty short dated exp. date. Have read the terms from info they sent me and read some at the site but couldn't find an answer. So.......would any of you happen to know if once you open an account with Yahoo, would there be a certain time frame that ya have to use up that credit amount or does it not have an expiration date??

Also, not sure if this falls under divulging any secrets or not lol but it's real easy to spend money very quickly when using Google (least for me)....msn (least for me) seemed quite a bit slower. I'm guessing Yahoo would be in between probably leaning more like Google....right or wrong?? Nobody has to answer if that falls in divulging any secrets category. lol