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    To Auto Approve or Not to Auto Approve
    So I can't decide is I should auto approve affiliates or not. On one hand it is very affiliate friendly if they can just sign up and go. On the other hand affiliates want us to make sure to weed out the parasites.

    I was thinking just auto approve them all and then want stats to find the parasites post join. What do you do?

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    I'd say the answer depends on two factors: (1) the affiliate network you're at (some monitor affiliate applications, others - do, but not as closely as a serious affiliate program would want to, yet others - seem not to control this at all but take everyone who applies on board), and (2) whether you have a full-time (in-house, or outsourced) affiliate manager that can go through the incoming applications, analyze, contact applicants (if necessary) and make educated decisions.


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    I can't speak for others, but I manually approve every application. This isn't a fool-proof plan for keeping out the cheaters, but it does help.

    No matter what you decide, either way you have to keep a close eye on all affiliates. I've learned this the hard way.
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    I self approve all applications and if any are questionable I email the affiliate and ask specific questions before I approve them. You might consider doing something like that at first and if you see you are self approving 98% and feel the other 2% would not matter, then turn on the auto approve feature.
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    I think that wherever possible, a program should monitor and manually approve affiliate applications.

    Not only does it help decrease fraud, but by monitoring the applications you'll also notice when strong affiliates and/or sites with good potential join your program so that you can give them a personalized welcome and help get them started as quickly and easily as possible.
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    This is a question that comes up every few months as new members are coming aboard and perhaps have not researched prior topical threads. You may find this helpful
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    As an affiliate, I do not have a problem with being manually approved........but, please don't take 3 weeks to do it.

    Also, give the affiliate a chance to explain where your products are to be promoted. The site that is on record with the "network" may not be the site where your products are to be promoted. Most of us have multiple sites that may be very different from each other.
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    I would think manual approval would work best if you have the resources.

    I think for SAS, it is less likely to have fraudelent affiliates. Not impossible but less likely.

    Depends on resources, the network you are on, your priorities.

    I do a manual approval to filter out questionable affiliates and try to keep the program clean. It's not 100% perfect but at least you have less questionable affiliates in there.

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