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    Need some 'OnLine Store Script' advice
    My wife has tasked me with figuring out how to set her up in an online store to sell her garage full of collectibles. I'm looking for some advice as to which of the multitude of scripts and other options are recommended. If I end up hosting her store along with my affiliate sites, I have PHP and MySQL available and I have moderate computer skills.

    Thanks - Charles

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    I would personally use eBay so you can leverage the competitive bidding aspect. If some of the things are collectible and rare, eBay will most likely maximize your selling price.

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    UncleScooter's advice is good.
    If you still would like to set up your own store you might consider a software such as "Actinic." I don't see why you couldn't combine your use of eBay with your own store.

    Your post reminded me of a software called Actinic that I often read about in a magazine entitled "Practical Webdesign" (It's an import from the UK):

    Actinic also offers two ranges of ecommerce products for web designers and self-builders. These comprise web-based and desktop store-building solutions.

    The Web Designer range: Actinic Designer is a development tool for commercial web designers deploying multiple sites and allows seamless interaction with Dreamweaver. The site owners are supplied with Actinic Catalog Client or Business Client software to operate their stores which have the design features removed.

    For those wanting to create their own store - Self-Builders - Actinic offers Actinic Express, an entry-level web-based shopping cart; Actinic Catalog, with everything a merchant requires to develop and manage their own online store, including capacity for growth...
    Ecommerce Example Sites:

    You can download a free 30 day trial:
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    eBay rocks for collectibles..

    If you like a challenge, how about the free ecommerce scripts out there (Zen Cart & OSCommerce).. you need some patience tho, making design changes are a little tricky. They both need MySQL & php which you have. It's great fun if you have the time ... and there are some really nice templates out there as well (some free, some for a nominal one-time fee).

    I've gone that route, but also have used a nifty platform called Shop Director, it assumes you have your own hosting already (not sure if you're allowed to post links here, I have no association with these folks, just like the product & service!).

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    Hosted or by you?
    If you understand PHP/mySQL, I like Zen-Cart over osCommerce.

    You might also consider using Mal's E-Commerce in conjunction with some templating for items called from a database.

    I think, however, the ebay idea is better - how does your wife plan on generatng traffic to her store?

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    i recommend interspire shopping cart. my developers tell me its a lot better than the software they have dealt with before.

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