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    cost per action ????
    Hi all,

    Today I want to share some information with you.
    I didn’t know about this but an on-line friend of
    Mine told me about it. Here it what he said

    “ A few months ago Google made a massive
    announcement that it would no longer let you send
    people to a "squeeze page" (where you ask people
    to give you their email address in exchange for information)
    from your pay per click adwords ads. I think they
    are doing this because they are going to change their
    advertising layout out soon. I'm going to tell you
    why it's fantastic news for us.

    Google are introducing a "cost per action" advertising
    program. Now it won't be available for people outside the
    US for quite a while, but when it does it will be great
    news for savvy internet marketers. By an "action" I mean
    rather than you having to pay per click, you pay every
    time someone clicks on your ad and then carries out a
    desired action such as buying a product, or as I want to
    focus on today giving you their email address.

    Rather than paying for when someone clicks on your ad
    in the Google listings, you will only pay when someone
    gives you their email address. In other words, you will be
    paying Google per lead. This will be the easiest way to
    create email lists on autopilot the internet has ever seen.

    This new advertising model will open up so many new
    options for us marketers. We can start our own e-letter
    and build a list on autopliot. We can build an email list
    and market our products or become an affiliate to other
    people's products and market them to our list for a

    Listen, having an email list is the easiest way I know of to
    make cash on demand. You just send out an email and the
    cash comes flying in. The problem is so many don't have
    a clue how to even start building that list in the first place.

    At this moment in time a great way to build email lists is
    via "co registration.Essentially what this is when someone opts
    in to a form online, afterwards they are shown offers to
    opt in to newsletters related to that subject.

    The thing is when Google eventually do set up this cost
    per action advertising program it will be even more
    effective than the current co registration way of building
    email lists, and guys are making millions from co-reg, so
    imagine how much cash can be made from the Google set
    up. Why will it be better than co-reg? Because the people
    will only see your offer rather than other peoples offers in
    your market.

    Trust me this is going to be big. Very big. Watch all the
    top guns start releasing courses on how to make massive
    sums of money from it the second it's all set up.”

    Is this common knowledge ?....I apologise if it is. If it isn't let me know what you have heard or what your feelings are.

    Until tomorrow.



    PS I have to great 2 books to “give” you tmrw. See you then

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    Wow. This sounds new...and I do trust you. PM me those links so I can buy your books.
    Joseph Lilly
    PartnerWeekly, LLC 702.407.0707 at

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    interesting.. I did not know that it was out there

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    on the other end of your PPA ad, there needs to be willing publishers who will display your ad for email signup / reg. if you were previously using squeeze pages at G in their serps, this won't get you back in the G serps - you're going to be placing ads on publishers (adsense users) websites - and competing with other advertisers who do the same.

    you may find some success here, but it's not going to be cheap or easy. people are reluctant to sign up by forking over their email addy, you still are required to meet CAN-SPAM for commercial email and your PPA costs for an email signup are going to be very high (so you'd better have a high roi for each signup).

    building a website that has value, that solicits members and visitors to sign up, is still a far better strategy for typical affiliates and for most others. list building at the PPA prices you're going to see, with those coreg folks you mentioned (who are very talented at squeezing roi from information and therefore will bid high) competing for those same leads, means this won't be the easy kill you're thinking it'll be right now.

    But you're right about one thing, the gurus (yuck!) will be telling all kinds of magical, new, "massive earnings" stories soon (as is always the case).

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