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    How do you create your websites without datafeed?
    Hi, folks,

    I am a newbie who is just brainstormed with several hundred pages of SAH by Rosalinda. From that book, I knew a static websites could be build provided datafeed is at hand with WebMerge. So I chased back into CJ and LS only to find both feeds charge. CJ asked for 200 bucks, while LS requires 250 for completely-no-experience newbie affiliate.

    However, CJ waives $200 for those who generated 10,000usd per month. LS's thrashould is 3months membership plus 50 orders per month. This situation raised me two questions. I hope some one could answer.

    A) With CJ, suppose someone has achieved $10K per month, what's the margin a free datafeed COULD benefit him?

    B) Without free datafeed, how could you guys start your very first affiliate website to transform yourself from a newbie like me to a super professional affiliate personale?

    Any comments are welcome

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    Hello Sinpeople,

    You can look at, and a few others here on the board that offer free datafeeds. I have some free datafeed sites listed at affiliateutilities if you need more ideas.

    Ray Thomas
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    People used to build useful, profitable web sites all of the time without datafeeds. I never even touched a datafeed until I had been in affiliate marketing full time about 4 years.

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    When I started out I had a couple dozen sites without datafeeds and still believe some of those hand coded content sites are still one of the best ways to get noticed by the search engines as well as generate sales. Datafeeds have their place, but you need to know how to use them to get the sales.
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    I agree with the above two posts. Try doing this without feeds for now. I used to make a 450 page site by hand including changing pics, making thumbnails, and making the pages!

    Wow it would take me a week or two for each update but it is doable. Try just doing the top 15 products or something with a niche that has traffic.

    Once you have some expereince everyone is easier to talk to.

    Datafeeds become free... Commisions get higher...

    Just PPC sucks on the high traffic words. Be careful there.

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    Build your pages with the specific product links provided.
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    You can also try the web services provided by Amazon, or CJ.

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    Datafeeds are just one promotional/monetization strategy for an affiliate site. Your question implies that you may need to spend your time learning the fundamentals rather than worrying about feeds.

    Ken Evoy's Affiliate Masters Course is a great place to get those critical basics down.

    Good luck!

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    Just make your first site(s) without a feed. To keep things manageable, pick a few products to showcase instead of trying to cover them all.

    Write a pitch for each product, and put each item on a seperate page (better for SEO, and makes it easier for the customer to find the items). If you're really lousy at pitch-writing, look into hiring someone to write.

    Make sure to pick items that won't need a lot of updating! The updating on a hand-done site can eat all your time, and cause you to not get as many total products up as you otherwise could.

    Get lotsa links in so the engines rank you up.


    You can make plenty with a few of those kind of sites. The main attraction feeds have, for me, is the ability to make pages for ALL the products. With hand-done sites, there is understandably a limit to the amount of products that can be promoted.

    PS There is a way to do a WebMerge site *without* a feed, but if you do that, it'll be ban-bait for the engines (due to the pages being near-duplicates of each other).

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    If you want to get some data feeds, there are some that might provide it outside of the network but with the right tracking. if you want to email me, I will email to you a list of merchants on Linkshare that might have a datafeed outside for free.


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