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    LinkShare's Interface
    Is it just me, or is LinkShare's user interface (merchant and affiliate) actually hard to use and unintuitive? Though I haven't used LinkShare in the past few years, I seem to remember nothing changing from when I first signed up back in 2000. Compared with CJ & Performics, there's a lot of logical connections between pages that are missing or thrown around in weird corners of the site, and is not very user friendly. Are there any plans for LinkShare to work on this interface?

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    Not sure it's hard to use, but I do wish they would make some useful enhancements. I was happy when they got rid of the login image validation thingy.

    I would like to see the merchants on Linkshare start making use of the expiration dates more.....

    Valid between 27-Feb-2007 - 28-Feb-2012

    As you know 2012 is a default year end date, but rarely the actual expiration date. Having a coupon site, these dates are quite useless to me. But, I think that responsibilty lies more on each merchant.

    I would like to have the ability to pull multiple links from each of my merchants or all of my merchants into a single or multiple feed. I could go on and on....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeymourButts
    As you know 2012 is a default year end date, but rarely the actual expiration date. ... But, I think that responsibilty lies more on each merchant.
    Actually, I put quite a bit of fault on LinkShare as well. It was a very poor feature rollout and they've been inadequate in merchant education.

    Yet another problem with it is that those expiration dates are GMT, while most merchant promotions actually expire at midnight Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific, which is 4-8 hours later (depending on the time zone and DST). This means that links won't work for 4-8 hours (if the merchant uses the correct date) or that more astute merchants will use the date following the actual expiration (which can cause affiliate confusion). It's a very poorly implemented feature.
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