I see that a new forum has started up that will be used to identify merchants who abuse cookie durations.

I would greatly appreciate you providing a summary report of merchants and their cookie durations for our use.

I would like the report boken up by:

1) merchants with cookies less than 7 days
2) merchants with cookies less than 14 days
3) merchants with cookies less than 30 days
4) merchants with cookies greater than 30 days

I can go get this list and provide it but it will be time consuming and I thought I'd see if you would respond by running a simple report and providing the information. Technology is great isn't it .

This list would save me and our other members a great deal of time in backtracking changes that may have slipped by us and allow us to stay on our feet regarding who we really want to spend our time promoting.

Knowing that we will get this information (one way or the other) and post it for our users to see and utilize may also provide your company a better opportunity to educate merchants of the risks associated with establishing low cookie durations or changing their policy to a low cookie duration.

I'd appreciate feedback if you can or will be providing this type of report for me.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.