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    I just posted this in the original 'announcement' thread but then I realized that the headline doesn't change. Especially given the flood of "bounced emails" I just got after sending the announcement to our affiliates, I want to make sure that our affiliates know that we're shutting down the web site at the end of this month.

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkWelch
    Reluctantly, I must announce that will close, effective on June 30, 2007. This means that as of July 1, will no longer offer products for sale, and affiliate links will cease to work.

    When I joined, we had some really great ideas. Unfortunately, our parent company hasn't been able to allocate resources as expected, so has been unable to follow through on many of those ideas.

    The online store has languished, with only nominal sales each month. Worse, we've recently encountered some production issues with our "print on demand" business model, resulting in an unacceptable number of delays in delivering the few orders that we've had.

    Although it would be cheaper to simply "pull the plug" today, all of us who've been involved in believe that such an abrupt act would be unfair to our affiliates who posted links to our site. That's why we decided to continue through June 30. As a courtesy, we've also doubled the standard commission (from 15% to 30%) for any new affiliate sales that are received this month (sorry, only for current affiliates).

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via email (to or by telephone at (510) 862-6987.

    Thank you for your support.
    I just realized that this is the only consulting client I've ever advised on affiliate marketing that has shut down! All the rest are still out there, though many have transmogrified (most obviously

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    As announced at the beginning of the month, the affiliate program at has now been de-activated, and the site now responds as "closed" so that no new orders will be accepted.

    If you were a affiliate, please remove your links.

    Once again, I noticed that about 10% of the final-newsletter emails "bounced," and I've forwarded that info (list of email addresses and failure reasons) to SAS to deal with.

    Both my client and I have been very satisfied with the level of service and support that ShareASale provided, and the decision to close the store does not reflect any failure by ShareASale or our affiliates.

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