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    Google Blog Search - Parasite Hell
    Yesterday I was working on a new site around a pretty specific product. At the end of the day I started searching out more general public opinions on the product by way of the various answer communities, blogs, etc (helps put the right spin when writing about something I don't know all that well). Anyway, I ended up using Google's Blog Search and was pretty disturbed by a few things.

    1. Over 90% of the top 30 search results were computer generated junk; "...lolita eats the park bench for better adhesion |product name| pants belonging to 10 dozen roses call me Ishmael...".

    2. One of the top 30 results immediately triggered my virus scanner to kick out half a dozen warnings and caused me to yank my network cable while I checked for issues. The page was attempting to install some worm and a few BHOs.

    3. I was searching something that would generally be considered extremely low risk.

    This morning I'm wasting time cleaning bits of the nasties (roings, bestoffers, drivercleaner) that made it past my defenses. While I think I'm free and clear, it's still pretty annoying...

    Normal blog searches bring back okay(ish) results, but searching for a specific product, even one as obscure as I was searching on, was a potential system deathtrap for the unwary. Think I'll stick to product reviews on Amazon rather than blogs from now on.

    Google's main search does a far better job of serving mostly clean results, so are the algos so different, or are blogs just that much more flooded with junk? If it's the latter it seems like we'd eventually see blogs getting devalued in future updates...

    Anyway, just something to think about and something for me to do while these scans run.
    Eathan Mertz

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    I think you can have those problems anywhere but blogs are much worse. A study said 75% of blogspot blogs are spam and other problems. Mainly because they're free and you can have as many as you want.

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    True enough, but with auto-generated content hitting the main index at millions upon millions of pages a day Google still does a decent job serving up results on the main index. I have a suspicion the blog search algo is its own project, is quite a bit more primitive and doesn't get anywhere near the same attention as the main search algo. Something about it just strikes me as maybe a backburner project.

    In any case, I wish they'd clean it up before the spammers force the main algo guys to turn all things blogspot into a red flag...
    Eathan Mertz

    Black Cat Mining - Gold Prospecting & Rockhounding Equipment

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    Ick, I just tried a blog search with Google and the results were pretty much garbage. At least with Technorati you can filter the results by the authority of the blog. Google needs something like that.

    - Scott
    Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.

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    I keep "private blogs" for "my eyes only" on blogspot but the blogs intended for public reading are created by Blogger and hosted on my host.
    [My "private blogs" are really bookmark extensions -- I have so many bookmarks that it's easier to blog about a page -- especially since one of my blogspot blogs has the automatic label feature]

    Blogs hosted on paid hosts *might* be better quality.

    "Made for Adsense Blogs" can be spammy although there are some good blogs out there that use Adsense.
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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