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    Advertising Clickbank Products On PTR or Traffic Exchanges!
    Hello Everybody!

    Does anyone here advertise Clickbank products on PTR sites or traffic


    What are the best products to advertise on such sites?

    What is the best form of advertising on PTR to advertise such products(emails,

    PTC, banner impressions, PTP Views, other...)?

    THX in advance for any help.

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    Hello Yakira,

    I was worried about this so I have used my own server to send that traffic to.

    I use a program called Mylinkguard (Google it) and it works great! The URL will look like:

    where 'this' is what you are promoting.

    Best regards,

    Butch Weber
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    Hi Butch,

    Thank you for replying to my post.

    I got a few questions if that's OK:

    1) Did you advertise the same products with and without MyLinkGuard and there was a big difference in conversion rates?

    2) What PTRs and traffic exchanges are the best to advertise on?

    3) What advertising types do you use on PTR(emails, PTC, PTP rotator views etc.)?

    4) What kind of products works well with such traffic?

    5) Do you target your ads to specific countries or interests?

    THX in advance.


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    Pecker hardeners and Porn alongside No Credit/downpay Mortgages and Cancer seem to be the favorites
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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    mylinkguard is just a fancy way of doing a HTML redirect.
    I'd suggest spending the 30mins going through and learning the HTML, so you can figure out what you're doing.

    Alternatively, if you are (and should be) familiar with the guts of your hosting account, you can do a 301 redirect.

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