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    CustomLeadsDirect will screw you out of your money
    Aaron Young, Owner, President or whatever he is, will charm your pants off till it comes time to pay and then screw you out of your money.

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    June 12th, 2007
    coby friedman owner, president or whatever he is from loangetter will tell you that his leads are exclusive and generated from his sites when they are actually not even refinance leads but purchase mobile home leads and or trigger leads that are whored out to many lead brokers and then sold to lenders. this is the kind of guy that gives the lead industry a bad wrap!

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    So you're telling on yourself? Or did you just sign up using someone else's name?

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    I was also screwed by this guy told him that i will be providing him shared mortgage leads and they guy said he knows lots of ppl at the diffrent mortgage banks so he can sell them directly to banks and i agreed him on selling the leads 1x to a bank. After like a week i found out the lead were going not to a a bank but to another Leadbroker who were selling the leads like 4 to 6 times.

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