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    Affiliate as Main Job?
    I actually have a full time job with a very large telecomm as a software engineer. I started my websites(s) as a hobby about a year ago. If nothing more, I have learned a great deal more than I had known about websites and affiliate marketing. Clearly though, I am still an extreme novice.

    In my case, I "pay the bills" with my regular job. The revenue from my websites doesn't even come close to my salary. So, I am always curious if this is your main income venture or more like a hobby. For me, it's a hobby until the income grows, assuming that's even possible, closer to the level of my real job.

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    Affiliate marketing has been my primary income source for almost 7 years. Prior to that, my website was a hobby for over a year.

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    Primary income. The only thing I miss are the insurance benefits of working -----------> out there.

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    I think you'll find a healthy bunch of both here, SB. Actually, more than that too.

    There's individuals that do it as a hobby.
    There's company's that do it as a revenue boost, but not their main income stream.

    There's individuals that do it full time, and as nearly exclusively their income. But those good ones all seem to be getting into consulting these days

    Then there's companies that are corporate super affiliates, running gigantic shopping sites.

    And there's other classifications I'm missing too. It's wide open.
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