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    Convert the best for everbody?
    Product, banner, text, datafeed...Links

    Do you use the same type of links for all your Advertisers?

    Does one Advertiser or network convert (or track) on one type of link while other Advertisers or networks convert on other types of links?

    I use product links across the board. Conversions and tracking are Ok. Could be better.

    I'm thinking about converting to data feeds, just kinda wondering if is worth the effort to install them? ( besides the ease of updating Links ) Do they convert as well as other links?

    How well do data feeds track sales as compared to other links?

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    Here's a little conversion trick:

    If most or all of the products on a particular page are for one merchant, ad a banner at the bottom of the page with a short-but-sweet snippet of sales spin like: "More available at:" or "only a few of the most popular styles are shown here, to view the complete collection visit:"

    This works particularly well with a search box.

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    Usually I use banners and text links. The text links get the vast majority of the action. But, pages without banners don't get as many sales overall, as pages with both banners and text links. It's like the buyers expect there to be some sort of banner and respond better when they see one, even though the banner doesn't get the actual click in most cases.

    As for product links, I've only got a few CJ ones active. On the "Get HTML", you'll recall that you can get the premade version (with a buy button) or a choice of picture/text link. I find that making my own with the picture, and then the text link below, works better than the ones with the button (even though I make the button say something better than "buy"). The conversion ratio is only a little higher than standard text links for me, though. It's really not worth the w*rk for me to do them individually except for the couple of merchants I have with really anticonversionary front pages.

    I have made a bunch of sections with the CJ datafeeds, but Google hasn't picked them up yet and I didn't put 'em in Inktomi so I don't know how they'll do for sure. But I would expect the CR to be about like with product links for how I set them up--only without the downside of spending forever trying to individually build everything!

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