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    As i'am fairly new here what is parasite or parasiteware and how do I avoid it.

    Please excuse my ignorance.

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    There is a forum here called parasiteware that has tons of information regarding specific parasites.

    A parasite in the real world is an organism that lives by feeding off it's host and can't live on their own accord.

    We have a number of different affiliates with supporting applications / web sites that present themselves as a normal affiliate but thrive by stealing commisions from other affiliates.

    The parasiteware forum is dedictaed to exposing these parasites and providing information to affiliates on their activities and what steps (if any) can be talken to protect yourself.

    Merchant education is a key point of this and there are many differernt efforts all going concurrently to address this issue.

    Once you understand them, you like other affiliates will feel a major betrayal by the networks and merchants that partner with parasites and stab affiliates in the back for trying to make them money.

    You should also find out what merchants are partnered with parasites and consider limiting or not promoting them at all.

    This is a difficult step for affiliates just as it is a difficult step for merchants to pull themselves away from what they see as a profitable relationship.

    You'll have to make your own judgements and sleep with them as you become more aware of the issues just as we do.

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    Read the posts all over ABW on this hot subject and click on all the news articles in the announcement section. We currently are out of "mouse Rubbers" but I recommend for their Ad-Aware program in case you catch something.

    ParasiteWareâ„¢ is software that you download, knowingly or not as it may come bundled with other applications or as deceptive downloads and consists of 'adware' which is unwanted advertising via pop-up, slider, pop-under or add links to sites for which the original owner does not get paid for sales and parasites hijacks the affiliate's shopping traffic on their sites ... their sole purpose is to worm their way onto your computer with a FREEBEE offer and assault you with advertising all day! - Google's position. Great site for protecting you online privacy and getting informed on spyware and advertising parasites. - "Spyware" piggybacks on Napster rivals - Is that music really free?,49960,00.html - Spyware, In a Galaxy Near You. - Adware and Under-Wear - The Definitive Guide. The spy inside your home computer - Extensive list of offenders. If you ever downloaded any of these software products, you are probably infected with adwarez and spyware programs. This list may shock you.

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    WOW! Time for a another class

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