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    Answer me,!!!
    I sent you a email for comlaint,10 times,no reply!!! please anwser me here if you are not the bigest fraud!

    my email:My complaint!!!!

    I am your affiliate CD4181.
    First of all,I do be promoting your offers daily,but you have not paid by now,even one time!!
    Second,I have faxed my w9 form,and email you about that,but got no response.
    Third,all your affiliate support man never show up in AIM,so then Why you left the info in the contact page.It is useless.

    I am wondering when you can pay me my first payment.I generate around8k+ ever month for hydrymeda,they never treat me like you do. is a good network,I believed,but dont do anything bad to your reputation.

    just Let me know if or when you can pay!! Or just close my account,I would like to stop promoting your offers if you dont expect the coperation between us!


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    What makes you think XY7 will check here and see your questions? They don't have a forum here and don't appear to participate here on a regular basis, so what is your purpose?
    Deborah Carney

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    We do not post regularly, although I read abestweb very often.

    Offershot, we have spoken many times over IM. Your traffic comes with no click referrals, and most of your leads have no referral links either. You have run incented traffic to non incented offers and you have been terminated by other networks.

    You have been terminated by our network and I explained this to you yesterday over aim.

    I am not sure what your posting here is trying to accomplish, although I will assure you we are not fraud and we work very hard to clear all fraud from our network.


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