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    Hi all,

    this is just came to me,

    What you all think of informing all the website not just affilliates!

    To let them know that this is happening,
    I think most of the websites are somehow related to Network Marketing (maybe I'm wrong)

    Why this come to me? I seen this post in one of the forum.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> whould you be upset if that revenue that was supposed to give a second chance to a Sick/homeless dogfor a better life? be stolen to a agressive, greedy company which does not give you the choice of donating and making a difference, and how about those commissions being stolen from the small company or webmaster who has volunteered there time to make a difference and make a huge impact on a community? How would your loyal customers feel? about being affiliated with spyware or parasites, There privacy could be exposed? or possibly there money be stolen or eliminated to a big company and that second chance to help a animal or person in need be eliminated in seconds? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    This parasite just don't have a clue of what kind of damage they are doing to people!

    And to read the post about the Animals are affected too?

    Now that is it!!!!!
    What the hell?
    I give my food to my Babies (two doggies) before me! I take them to the Vet before I go to the doctor!

    If you know me you would know my priorities between people and animals!

    They are hopeless they can't help them selves. People can!
    If you feed a dog they are your friends for life and they will protect you and they will die for you!

    This scumbags don't have a clue about life, they don't have a value of life and family!
    I can say more shitty things to this people but...

    Would I be upset?

    I am furious! smoke is coming out of my head! geez something needs to be done with this people!

    I think it's time to send more protest through all the website that is not participating on this Pest Parasite!
    Especially the Animal Sites!
    Sorry I'm a pet lover and they do give me unconditional love!

    But to come back to the subject.

    I think protesting and getting other people (outside the affiliates) to vote on this issue would also help get this scums to get their shit together before the Hurricanes blows them away!

    God I am so mad I am in tears!

    Any suggestion would help...

    Love Life to the fullest. we only get ONE chance! :-)

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    Why do you think they sometimes setup phoney chartity donation programs to sucker in more users. Pitch by the DEVIL is "if you don't want to get your rebate-prize-coupon refund etc etc" we will donate it for you to our charity.

    The "incent" buggers calculate the amount of unused coupons -un-redeemed rebates and even used giftcertificates into their ROI figures. A phoney belony Charity is not beyond them as they do not care from whom they steal their money from. They shy away from bank robbery cause the small fry bucks are easier targets and carry less risks.

    We put money into those Goodwill Santa buckets at Christmas while they sneak out the big bills when asking to get change for a dollar bill.

    WebMaster Mike

    "Vision without Action is a daydream .. Action without vision can be a nightmare"
    Combine the two and you have the makings of a profitable reality!

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    The levels these scumbags can sink! It's like the bottomless pit of the deepest ocean where it is pitch dark - like the souls of these parasites who would sell their own family for a quick buck....


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