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    It is hard for me to believe that most merchants just create an affiliate program, then wait for affiliates to sign up. Anybody know of a resource where I can post some basic stats and demographics about my well visited, content oriented site and merchants could say, hey I've got a product (or two) that could do well on a site like that, then recruit me to join their program? I would even pay a few bucks to list on something like that.


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    Hi Greg...welcome to ABW, we are new here too!

    From a merchant's perspective, you are right that we can't just sit back and wait for people to sign up with us. So we try to be pro-active as far as finding good partners for our products. Recently, since joining Linkshare, we have used their affiliate search functions to try and find partners that would fit certain categories we felt would be a good match.

    For the affiliate, it does not cost anything to join the Network's, like Linkshare, and you can list your site's description and the categories it falls into. When merchants are searching for partners in the Network, that's how they will find you.

    I hope this helps...and by the way, what type of site do you have? Perhaps you'd be interested in our products and program at Linkshare.
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    Is the site that you want to promote

    If so, I just tried to view it and I wasn't there. Is it up? I hope to check it out soon.


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    Hey neighbor!

    I am not sure what your site looks like, but I have a fairly nice affiliate program started at , and I am actively looking for affiliates.

    You can check my site out:
    Join My Program Here

    I offer 6% of the entire transaction ( freight is bundled in )
    A cookie that never expires.
    A STRONG anti-parasite stance, as defined by the moderators of ABW.
    I'm located on a network that also has a strong anit-parasite stance.
    And off-line promotional material, should you require it.

    Check me out, I'd be happy to work with you!

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    Yes, is one of our sites. We moved servers and hosting companies about a week ago so some DNS servers are still pointing at the old box, will probably get you there.

    But what I am hearing is that merchants are reliant on whomever is housing (I am specifically avoiding the term managing here) your affiliate program. I worked for years in direct mail, and the good converters knew exactly what list to buy. The web seems to have it backwards where the list owners are trying to figure out what product to push. It seems fairly startling to me that no one has put up a site registry, where site owners plug in the demographics of the site, and merchants can browse for the proactive affiliates.


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