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    Networks with deep linking
    I'm designing a florists site and need to deep link. The trouble I've encountered is the first network I've signed up to, Shareasale, does support systematic deep linking (at least I assume that's the 'urlink' purpose) but the merchant Flora2000 redirects to the home page. With Commission Junction it's pot luck on deep linking, and on the first few programs tried, I was out of it. How useless is CJ links creation?

    So the question is are there any networks that support systematic deep linking like shareasale with floristry programs?

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    Linkshare does support deep linking for some merchants. Don't know about floristry programs though.
    Jason Rosenbaum
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    We have a great dynamic links tool for stores in our in-house network You can create deep links on demand. We have 17 stores for active that sell homewares, etc.

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