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    I've seen jason and others talk about educating their visitors about parasites and trying to combat this that way. I think it is a great idea, for things like Spyware which violate the user's privacy, and the parasites which overwrite affiliate links for no purpose other than to make themselves money. Also, publishing the fact that many of the BHO's, etc are poorly coded and not well tested (especially regression tested with all browsers) can cause system instability and extra annoying popups (which also contribute to instability.) I can definitely see many (most) user's buying into wanting to stop all of that nonsense.

    However, how do you tell visitors who are members of a "loyalty" site, especially one which puts cold hard cash back into their pocket, that the applications they are using are bad? My experience has been that most people out there are cheap, etc, and want to save every penny they can. (Who can blame them? I want to save as much as I can as well, but, without stealing..) Many of them have NO concept of what we do to produce sites, hosting fees, etc, etc. How do you go about educating those people? I can imagine some of them, it may have the opposite affect. Some would think you're wanting to steal from them since you want your hard earned commission (and so do they.)

    I'm not sure its reasonable to give them the entire spiel about what we do, how much it costs us to do it, etc, etc. So, how do you get across the fact that these people are predatory against us?

    Have you attempted to do this already and has it worked at all? Any negative feedback from your community? Any thoughts on this?

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    Your point is well made so I only hint at their Loyality shopping crap is a waste of time at my site. Hopefully they'll just leave as my showcase merchants take neither food stamps or rebate/coupons into consideration on the best buys.

    "TIP from EcomCity's PcShops webmaster. Forget those shopping comparison engines or the Rewards & Rebates browser plug-ins ever saving or making you a dime on bargains shown @EcomCity. You'll find all our Cybermall showcase specials offer the lowest prices ..period!! The Spyware/Adwarez buried in those FREEBEE & P2P file sharing programs just ruin your computer and you'll play havoc with the con-men ever getting paid. To see how these parasite programs operate and how to cure your system from all this POPup Ad-nausium Hell... see"

    WebMaster Mike

    "Vision without Action is a daydream .. Action without vision can be a nightmare"
    Combine the two and you have the makings of a profitable reality!

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    Well I can't speak for everyone but I use a base of Andrew Clovers script and it does not catch the loyalty sites so I do not detect or tell them squat.

    If I could catch them I wouldn't have to worry about explaining much. I flat would not allow them access and simply tell them to stop participating in diversions from other people sites and work and to go use the parasites site to shop from.

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    using Clover script help and we get emails once in a while and saying thank you and asking how to get rid of em in their PC.

    If you explain it with totally honest and sincere way to the user that this parasite are not fair and monitoring the users activities through the net!

    They will appreciate the information!

    Once a user email you (even just a few of them)
    It helps and you will feel a little greatness in your heart! Because you believe that you are doing something good, not just for your self but for others too!

    Love Life to the fullest. we only get ONE chance! :-)

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    I've been surprised at how many people had no idea these programs were on their computer! Usually their kids downloaded something, and their parents had no idea!

    I explain that many sites depend on affiliations to pay the bills, and that anything that interferes with that process will eventually shut their favorite sites down. Then I point out how many great sites are now gone due to lack of funding.

    If you have a content site to publish this on, it helps as people depend on those sites for information and entertainment. They don't want them to go away.


    AFFILIATE MARKETING STANDARD: The site upon which the initial action to buy occurs is the site the commission is paid to. Period.

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