How can I get two [WM-Record] in one index template page?

I found this in the help section -
"You can include any number of WM-Record tag pairs in a template, allowing you to have discontiguous layouts if needed"

The first set of [WM-Record] works fine, but I can't get the second table to split into the correct number of rows?
I've set the cololms to 5 and there are 40 items in the Town database.
It just shows it as 40 rows with 1 column, instead of 8 rows of 5 columns?

This is the code I have -

[WM-Record][WM-Field: Navi][/WM-Record]
[WM-Record width=600 cols=5]
<a href="[WM-Field: URL noLink]">[WM-Field: Town]</a>
Hope someone can help.

Many thanks, Happy.