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    How to get accpeted by SAS as soon as possible?
    Hi, folks,

    Anyone has some idea? I have just been declined by SAS.

    I am a newbie without AP experience. My website needs some datafeed to get populated. As I don't have a working datafeed, I used an sample feed from internet. Of course this does not make a working site. No acceptance is for sure.

    Any one has any idea about powering a website with minimal effort to be accepted by SAS? After the acceptance, let the datafeed do all the work with WebMerge. :-)?


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    As pointed out in replies to your earlier post, there is no reason why you can't have relevant content on your site even before being accepted by a program.

    As Webworker stated:

    for a review site for digital products there's no reason why useful content can't be developed. You do NOT have to have affiliate links on a site to have helpful information on it, and once there's some up, it'll look like a legitimate site and likely be accepted.
    You're trying to put the cart before the horse. Develop a site that has good useful information that will attract visitors and then look at how to monetize it. Since your site is named Digital-Products-Review, review some digital products. I don't think SaS is looking for hundreds of pages of content, however some relevant content couldn't hurt.

    Make sure that the description of your site is representative of the content and make up of your site.

    As I stated before:

    I just visited your site and was somewhat confused. Your site name is digital-products-review however I didn't find any digital products on your site. Instead you have categories of Baby Bedding, Beatrix Potter, Cardew Teapots, Clayworks, Wildlife Sculptures etc. They may be a little confused about what you site is about.
    The content on your site doesn't match the title. If I'm looking for Wildlife sculptures the last place I'm going to look for them is on a sight named Digital-Product-Reviews. However if I were looking for a new camcorder I would expect to find information to help me make an informed decision.

    If your intent is to totally populate your site with products and no content, then you probably need to rethink the name.

    Once you are accepted by SaS Webmerge is a great way to manage your datafeeds, however it's not a magic bullet and does require some effort also. You may want to look at GoldenCan also.

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    You really don't need to start another thread. You were already getting suggestions at the first one that started and reading them again, there are many good ideas there. I would try implementing some of those first, reapply and if that does not work, then come back here for follow up questions and go from there.
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    I'll tell you the same thing again. Put up some content on pages so it looks like a real site. If you're still at it after being refused (which was right, you must have a site first), then it can only be assumed that you intend to put NOTHING on the site except what merchants provide for everybody, without anything original at all.

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    Deja vue...?

    As suggested, read your other thread again. Starting a new one just creates clutter.
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