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    June 12th, 2007
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    Hey Angel! Hey Jessie!

    Dan Allbee from 4AllMemory here.
    I just "officially" signed up to ABW a little while ago and figured I'd Pop in (ha, no pun intended) and see how it's going.

    I know we had a little snafu with the PopShops account accidentally getting removed then re-added to the 4AM affiliate program last week (sorry about that again; training a new helper ), and I just wanted to make sure that didn't affect you guys' ability to get ahold of our feed.
    I logged into my test account and it looks fine, but better safe than sorry, y'know?

    The UI is looking great, by the way - I've gotten rave reviews from several of our affiliates who've tried out PopShops recently!


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    November 8th, 2005
    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for dropping in I am glad to hear that your affiliates are finding our tool set useful. We've been working hard on making it just right.

    Don't stress about the snafu, your feed is live and engineering is reporting no problems with it.

    And welcome to ABW by the way. There is a lot of good information on the forums here, my advice is to hang out and listen to the feedback affiliates give on around ABW they often have great suggestions!
    Angel Djambazov
    Managing Edtior ReveNews
    OPM for Keen Shoes and

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    Hi Dan!

    Nice to hear from you! Welcome to ABW and thanks for being so responsive when the feed confusion happened! It was barely a blip on the radar. If only all issues were so easy to resolve... :-)

    - JessieJ

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