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    Thumbs down 911 Calls Placed While Woman Dies In E.R.
    Great medical service, not!

    LOS ANGELES -- A woman died waiting for help in a Los Angeles emergency room while the people with her desperately called 911.

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    Good God!

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    Unfortunately this doesn't surprise me. Was actually talking about this type of thing just a few nights ago. My 3 yr. old niece broke her elbow and waited an hour in the er before being treated. I know, I guess an hour might not be considered that long.....but this was a teeny little 3 year old girl. Although he felt bad about it too my husband was telling me that they're supposed to take people in the order that they are. He was in an er cos he had been cut pretty badly and a young girl was in a similar situation, really obvious she was in a lotta pain and they called him next. He looked at the nurse and just're kidding right? That's when he was told about the policy. He insisted they take the girl before him and they did.

    Guess I don't know what the answer is since I'm sure you'd have fights breaking out in the er if the nurses did take people outa order but there's no excuse for something like this. She should've been taken care of.

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    Unfortunately, the woman who died at MLK hospital had been at the ER three days in a row due to meth amphetamine abuse that was eating away at her stomach etc. Sounds like they must have been frustrated that she was back again and opted to provide care to others first.

    I'd imagine it's a no win situation when you work an ER in a busy city. If I recall they get 1,500 a day or a week for ER at this hospital - which probably has them in a state of chaos at all times. In this case it appears that they did not take the woman seriously. It sadly reminds me of the "boy who cried wolf" too often. This place needs total revamping, but I kind of doubt that this particular instance will change that. Sad story on many levels, especially the meth abuse that caused the problem.
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