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    Exclamation Working on CJ for 6months, still need help.
    We have been working on an affiliate site using CJ's datafeeds for about 6months, but are still having some problems. The main thing is that CJ does not require standardization on thier datafeeds, so we are having a really difficult time having it automated in order to create the COMPARISON shopping site we are trying to build. Our clicks are wrong on the CJ reports, and also the IMPS are always at 0. So we think it may be a design problem.

    I happen to find this forum through Google and would like to know if anyone knows of any resources or companies that have built and automated site using CJ feeds to create a comparison shopping site. The problem is that the feeds update once a week, so even if we do manual data entry, it continues to change since stores add and delete new products all the time. Any info anyone has on where to look for help on this would be appreciated.


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    I use CJ feed to run a comparison site. The speed that your feeds update can be changed, you need to make a request to CJ support. I didn't realize this either until I saw it mentioned on this board. Mine are updated daily.

    Your right, feeds aren't standardized and it can be difficult to match up prices with products. You need to normalize the data and if you are writing a comparison engine in a vertical that doesn't have a lot of products, consider manual intervention, mapping sku's from different merchants to products.

    I see a lot of people striving to write their own comparison engines. Perhaps I should widgetize my comparison engine and start an affiliate program!

    Good Luck,
    Merchants, any data you provide to Google Shopping should also be in your affiliate network datafeed. More data means more sales!

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