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    I am wondering if there have been any merchants who are for the use of parasites. Have any made any public statements for their stance on why they accept parasites. Sorry if this has been asked before. I haven't followed the whole issue on these boards much and didn't see any list of companies who have publically made a stance for the use of parasites. Thanks. I want to know if there are any merchants that I am currently using who are for parasites that I take their links down ASAP.

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    Excellent suggestion Logan.

    I have also proposed a forum with the exact name you used recently and proposed it be used to formally identify merchants associated with parasites.

    This information could be used as an important resource when targeting and releasing information for news networks and other broadcasting mediums that allow them to quickly identify merchants "that remain" associated with parasites because of their desire to do so.

    I was told this would not be implemented until after the results from the Nov 7th announcement.

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