I always cringe when I see that Linkshare is managing an affiliate program where the only contact info. is a Linkshare employee. The chances of effectively working with them is almost nil.

Last month, I received an email from a Linkshare employee in Linkshare's Chicago office asking me to better promote a merchant who she is responsible for. I responded to her that we had just put up a link in a prominent place a few days before. She responded thanking me. Over the following three weeks, we had four conversions from that link. We've had an additional five conversions since that time.

On June 1, I sent a followup email to the same person asking a question. After no response, a week later I sent another email. Still no response. A week later (today), I called her and left a voice mail.

Over the years, whenever I have attempted to contact a Linkshare program that is fully managed by Linkshare, I have rarely been successful.

We have recently learned of a very disappointing situation with another Linkshare merchant which is fully managed by Linkshare as addressed at http://forum.abestweb.com/showthread.php?t=90703

There appears to be no oversight by Linkshare.

For those Linkshare affiliates who are promoting programs that are fully managed by Linkshare, what has your experience been with the Linkshare program manager? Do they only work with super affiliates? Do they respond to your emails at all?