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    Any existing tools to generate article database?
    Hi, folks,

    I ask this question here because I believe this has something to do with webmerge.

    As an affiliate, we need to write all sorts of articles to do the presell service. Since webmerge can generate static web pages from a database, are there any tools available for us the generate a database file for the use of webmerge? This time, webmerge will create large volume of static articles rather than a product hierarchy.

    I looked into the exported database of phpbb. There is a table named 'phpbb_posts_text', which contains 'Subject, Text, SubTitle' stuff. Maybe this sort of structure can be utilized? Anyone has similar experience?

    If this works, the work-flow would be like this. Affiliate has a personal web-based database for him to add/remove topics which he wants to publish. Later on, he exported these contents to datafeed format, which will be consumed by webmerge to generate static output.

    Any tools around this? Please let me know.


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    Hi David,

    one Senior Member (SSanf) here at ABW has developed a Content Generator, one of the intro posts for it is here.

    You can also search AMW for 'content generator'.

    I'm not sure if Webmerge would be the tool of choice for this, it would take a lot of work to prep the needed datafeed with all the words/phrases - I don't think it's feasible.

    Cheers, Frank
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