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    Wednesday, December 11, 2002

    A Toast For 2003!
    By Cory Treffiletti

    As 2003 creeps upon us and 2002 becomes nothing more than a chapter in a history book, the overwhelming feeling seems to be one of optimism for the future. The economy appears to be slightly recovering and most advertising budgets seem to be predicting solid growth. There are definite signs that the industry is poised for a rebound.

    As an immediately tangible prediction, the overall mood of the buyers and sellers seems to be much more upbeat than over the past couple of years. Many of the agencies that are still in business are either hiring or projecting hires in coming months. On the flipside, the sellers are seeing larger RFPs than they did at this time last year as many clients are trying to take a longer term, holistic approach to their planning cycles and lay out dollars for the entire year rather than reacting to the market.

    TV advertising is starting to fear the effects of services such as TiVo, with many clients forecasting that if penetration of these products increases too rapidly they will respond with a reduction in their TV ad budgets. This could potentially result in a reallocation of those dollars to the online space. After all, those dollars have to go somewhere, right?

    Online penetration continues to grow, as does the penetration of broadband in homes. As the experience improves, time spent online seems to increase. People are using the web more often, for more purposes and integrating it into their daily lives. Advertisers understand this and are reacting in the only logical way, pursuing ideas on how to reach their audience online to provide an additional element in the attempt to surround their audience with a cohesive message and burst through the clutter.

    Publishers are having healthy discussions on standardization of ad models and the big players are all starting to work together to help drive this effort. I've said before that the publishers are in the best position to help simplify the industry and now it seems they believe it. Hopefully they continue this momentum and get their goals established quickly.

    The upbeat mood of the industry participants seems to be coupled with a very healthy respect for what happened last time around. The people I've spoken to are aware of the mistakes that were made in our last period of growth and are much more willing to grow slowly and manage the clients and dollars more tightly to ensure these same mistakes are not made again.
    This last item is the one that I feel needs to be emphasized. The last time our industry experienced a period of growth it was treated like the Gold Rush. We mined the web for any nugget of potential profit, and in doing so we depleted the reserves of good ideas and management that were required for this growth to have been sustainable at any level. Too many people threw money and people at half-baked ideas trying to find the magic bullet that would result in revenues and profits to take them further. In doing so we ignored the fundamentals such as standardization, managed growth and managed expectations, strong customer service, and my old pet peeve of limited complexity.

    There are many people left in this industry, and they are intelligent, well organized and passionate about making it work. As the dollars begin to re-enter our industry, and growth becomes imminent, we need to remain focused on the ideals and executional elements that allowed many of these companies to weather the "perfect storm" that we experienced over the last 2-3 years.

    Here is a toast to 2003 being the year that we fulfill our own expectations for our industry.

    Andy Rodriguez,
    Online Advertising / Affiliate Marketing Manager
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    Yeah, 2003 and rocking. I think the internet will rebound in 2003. I can feel it :0).


    Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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    Online Shopping Spree
    Poll: Americans Will Spend Twice as Much Online This Holiday Season

    By Dalia Sussman and Gary Langer

    Dec. 11 — About one in four Americans say they'll be buying holiday gifts online this year, up only modestly since 1999 — but the amount of money they plan to spend has nearly doubled.

    In a new ABCNEWS poll, 24 percent say they'll use the Internet to buy holiday gifts, up just six points in the last three years — and no more than the number who say they shopped online last year. But online shoppers plan to spend $646 on average, compared to an inflation-adjusted $331 that people reported spending online in the 1999 holidays.
    While online spending plans have surged, the public's overall holiday spending plans have fallen in the same period. An ABCNEWS poll last month found Americans planning to spend an average of $830 on holiday gifts overall, down from a record $946 in 1999.

    ‘I Can Do It Naked’

    What's drawing consumers to the Internet? The vast majority of online shoppers, 73 percent, cite its convenience. ("I can do it naked," said one respondent.) A mere 7 percent say it's the prices, while 18 percent say it's a combination of both.

    Women, in particular, cite the convenience of shopping online as its sole main attraction — 79 percent say so, compared to 65 percent of men.

    While men and women say they'll use the Internet to buy gifts in equal numbers, men are planning to spend nearly four times as much as women are — $1,050 compared to $271.

    That appears to be an Internet phenomenon; by contrast, last month's poll on overall holiday spending plans did not find a significant difference between the sexes. Product choice may play a role: Men are more apt than women to buy electronics (expensive); women, more apt to buy toys and books (less so).

    Income, Internet Access Are Factors

    Online shopping peaks among higher-income and better-educated Americans. Thirty-nine percent of those in households earning $50,000 or more plan to shop on the Internet for gifts, compared to 15 percent in households earning less than that. Similarly, 35 percent of those who've been to college say they'll buy gifts online; it's just 13 percent among less-educated people.

    Age is also a factor: While 29 percent of those age 54 and younger say they'll shop online, just 12 percent of people age 55 and older plan to do so. Among those age 65 and older, it's just 7 percent.

    Naturally, access to the Internet is a strong factor in online shopping, and older, lower-income and less-educated Americans are less likely to have Internet access.

    Two-thirds of Americans report having access to the Internet, either at home only (39 percent), at work only (5 percent) or both (22 percent). Highest-access groups include those who've been to college (81 percent), people age 35-44 (79 percent) and whites (70 percent). Lower-access groups include nonwhites (54 percent have Internet access), people who haven't finished high school (43 percent), and those age 65 and older (35 percent).

    Most Common Purchases: Clothes and Toys

    Clothes and toys top the list of items being bought online. Electronics, books and CDs or DVDs (and VHS tapes) round out the top five. But there are big differences between the sexes: Women are more apt than men to buy toys and books online, while men are more apt than women to buy electronics.

    Interestingly, the sexes are equally apt to buy clothes online — a place where convenience might be especially appealing to men, many of whom are immune to the joys of traipsing through a department store when there's a perfectly good football game on television.

    Shut down the parasites and let some real valued added resellers show the honest merchants like TD we can perform in 2003!!

    WebMaster Mike

    "Anyone can make a dollar, it is when you make sense that it starts to add up."...does your eBiz plan make sense?

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