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    $150,000.00 Bonus!
    I just peeked at my ShareASale report and discovered this transaction (which was already voided when I found it).

    The merchant was entering bonuses, and apparently typed my ID number but then accidentally typed another affiliate's ID number into the "amount" box (the affiliate ID/amount was larger than 150000 -- I've rounded the number since it's unfair to identify the other affiliate).


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    That could take some time for auto-deposit to balance that account - LOL

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    Wow, hope the merchant wasn't on autodeposit.

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    Did you contact the merchant and ask why you don't deserve such a fine bonus?

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    Ill bet that guy/girl was shaking in his booties when he saw what he did

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    The way SAS is set up from the merchant end, at least on one of the pages you can offer bonuses, it defaults to the the first affiliate on your list of affiliates (by affiliate number, I believe) and even I have accidently sent a bonus to that first listed affiliate. Mine was only $7, but still, it teaches you to be very careful to double check before approve it.
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    I had something similar happen with a client I was consulting for once. They manually entered a special order item with their wholesaler, and accidentally ordered like 82000 (instead of 1) of item number 82000. They called the wholesaler immediately when they realized their error and the wholesaler said it was canceled, but they still shipped the several hundred that they had in stock.

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    Having received permission from Mark to comment about this (I didn't want to lay claim until he consented as to do so would post his affiliation with my program publicly), I'll pony up to this mistake.

    In trying to award a bonus for a new web development company signed up, I got confused by the SaS verbiage. The first half of the page deals with posting manual transactions at the default rate, and the second half deals with awarding specific amounts. I mistakenly thought that the first input field was for the affiliate ID (it's labeled "Specific Amount to give affiliate:") and that the amount to be given was to be specified in the calculator.

    As I DO have direct deposit, awarding this sale caused no small disruption. I was able to catch it quickly as the deposit email sent to me caused me to investigate (I had more than enough in the account to cover the original bonus). Seeing a balance of -$100K caused my heart to drop.

    As this happened Saturday, SaS was not available to speak to on the phone (what was left of my nerves quickly left), but in playing with their system (I wanted to hurry so that my AmEx card didn't make up the difference, and I didn't want to have a lot of downtime on the program) I was able to find the problem and reverse the transaction within a couple of minutes.

    This quote adequately sums up the experience:
    it teaches you to be very careful to double check before approve it
    It was quite a ride!

    In any case, I hope my public explanation can, at the very least, help some other AM that's new to SaS avoid this mistake.
    Chris Sturgill
    "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals." - H. Simpson

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