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    Questions About Making & Distributing "Legit" Toolbars
    What if a company makes and distributes a toolbar like this:

    * The option to install the toolbar is shown AFTER the program the end user really wanted is already installed. For example, they download a screensaver and the screensaver is installed and THEN they see the option to install the toolbar.

    * During the installation process, it is completely clear what the toolbar does and the end user can opt in to installing it or not

    * The toolbar only sits on the browser window calling to the server for updates say once a week. If there's an update, it will download new buttons, or whatever other features.

    * The toolbar never tracks user visits

    * The toolbar never changes default home page, default search, 404 errors or anything like that.

    * The toolbar never shows popups of any sort

    * The toolbar never redirects the end users searches

    * The toolbar is approved by

    * The only way the toolbar makes any money is if it's actually USED by the end user.

    * The toolbar can be easily uninstalled from the toolbar itself.

    Would THAT be ok to promote and distribute?

    Any other ideas to make it "acceptable" to most ABWers?

    My thought is, how 'bout someone actually makes a toolbar that's acceptable to everyone and distributes it through their OWN channels properly, not allowing others to bundle it and distribute it in their own files.

    Or is everyone just against distributing a toolbar just because it's a toolbar?

    The thing is, it CAN be a legitimate business model, it's just terribly abused by the likes of Zango, etc.

    I mean, why would it be so bad to distribute a toolbar that uses the above criteria?

    Any other thoughts on how to make and distribute a good toolbar that is acceptable to everyone? I'd love to hear it!


    ~ Paul

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    What's the name of it?

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    There is no name to it. I'm talking about what if's here.

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