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Thread: How to clean datafeed of this situation?

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    How to clean datafeed of this situation?
    Hi, folks,

    I was using phpbb to do some sort of tracking/updating some topics from the net on my laptop. Now I want to export the database into .xml file for a webmerge publishing as static images. Can anyone tell me how to set up the clean rules in my case?

    I have five fields in the exported xml file, post_id, bbcode_uid, post_subject, post_text, post_sub_title. How can the following rules be implemented?

    A) Remove post_id, bbcode_uid from database
    B) For the other fields, if a bbcode_uid is found in the text, remove it.

    For security reasons, for each post in phpbb has its own bbcode_uid. This means, if 1000 records were reported, there are 1000 different bbcode_uid appears in different records. No same bbcode_uid in same record. This give me difficulties, because I have to specify the bbcode_uid to be removed one by one for each records.....

    Is there an easy way to do this with AMWSO?

    Suppose I have a bold word in phpbb marked with html tag <b>. Its database export would be like the following:
    [b:aef8e565f6]Once [/b:aef8e565f6]captured, digital photographs

    If it is an image, it would be like

    These UIDs are different from record to record, which makes me extremely difficult to remove.

    Any one has similar experience?


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    Hi David

    Which data feed is this, I'm not sure I recognize the data?

    Either way you might want to try the data cleaner tool we have ;


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