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    Did anybody here create datafeed from phpmyadmin?
    Hi, folks,

    I wana generate a datafeed from one of my website. Through the phpmyadmin, I did exported the content of the selected table to an xml file. However, now comes the headache.

    These records are from a phpbb_posts_text table, which contains post_subject, post_subtitle, and post_text. Most of my posts are of more than one paragraph. This means, between the paragraphs, there are spaces. These spaces will make webmerge malfunctions... If I remove all these spaces, the format would be affected, if I do not remove these spaces, I cannot publish these contents.

    Anyone has similar experience? Please share with me.

    Many many thanks.

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    You could try to replace all the line returns "\r" with html tags like <p></p> or <br />. I'm not sure if it wouldn't break webmerge or not.

    You'll have to do that search and replace on the data BEFORE you export the file. I wouldn't make those changes on your existing table. I HIGHLY recommend duplicating the table you want to export, search and replace what I suggested and then try exporting. That may work...

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