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    ajax window opening for generated links
    Hi all, wonder if anyone has any ideas on this, bit stumped.
    I want to use greybox to open the detail pages in an overlayed window.
    once you have installed the relevent java you call the window opening using the following link attribute. rel="gb_page[500, 500].

    This would open an overlayed window 500px by 500px over the top of the current page;
    see here for greybox:

    When i try and use the rel attribute with webmerge it doesnt work
    because of the brackets.

    [WM-FIELD: FieldName rel="gb_page_[500,500]"]

    Is there a way of getting webmerge to ignore the [ character in my link attribute, as in php like \ for instance? Or am i going about this the wrong way

    hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance for any help.

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    Yep you are going about it the wrong way...

    You need to put the link in a column in your database..

    Example --"gb_page_[500,500]"

    Then in your webmerge templates put this..

    [WM-FIELD: FieldName RAW]

    That should do it.....

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