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    Has anyone had any luck with the traffic statistics provides for traffic and link popularity? I am looking at buying some domains and redirecting traffic from them. Has anyone had any luck on redirecting a high traffic domain to an affiliate site?

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    I've had more success with high *PageRank* domains rather than high traffic domains. Take the Alexa figures as indicative only - they can be inflated artificially.

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    Indeed, Alexa stats can be easily manipulated.

    About buying high traffic domains for redirection - if the domain deals with something close with the theme of the website you want to redirect to, it could work well for a while (depending on the source of traffic of the domain you want to buy). However, expect a sharp decline in the long run.
    On the other hand, if the high traffic domain has the same audience as the website you redirect to then you may just hit the jackpot!
    One important thing to consider: the high traffic domain may be part of a network of websites and once you buy it, the source of traffic could go down substantially....


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    Something else to consider is how competitors might respond...

    I recently heard of a case where someone acquired an expired domain which had good link pop, but what he did with it was way off-topic compared to the original site. The legacy PR gave him a boost in Google for a while, but the change of topic made a mockery of existing links to the site. A competitor noticed this, and alerted several dozen webmasters that the site they linked to had changed. Hey, it's just helping other webmasters keep their sites up to date, right?

    The page's link popularity was eviscerated overnight, and it is no longer competitive in Google.

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