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    January 17th, 2005
    Dear ABestWeb:

    As many of you know, a year ago LinkShare began to address the parasiteware issue. I am proud to say that we were the first to recognize the importance of the issue and the first to respond to it -- with our amended contract and most recently, with our addendum (which has already been published on ABestWeb). And while our approach has not proceeded without some hiccups and surely is not finished, we are committed and succeeding in protecting our Network.

    Many of you also know that thanks to the help of Shawn from Overstock, Haiko from ABestWeb and Wayne from AffTrack, LinkShare sponsored an event to discuss the issue, which culminated in a meeting in NYC on November 7th. The idea behind the event to try to find a way to solve this complex problem. The goal was to propose a solution by early December.

    LinkShare has and will continue to pursue our original path of using LinkShare’s addendum to protect affiliates and merchants. We were pleased that the other providers have finally taken a position. Our addendum however, is already inclusive of any “code of conduct” and, in our opinion, gives our partners the type of protection they truly need.

    In light of the time and effort that so many affiliates gave to the process, we thank you and reaffirm that irrespective of the other players, LinkShare will to forge ahead to solve this issue. In the past few months, we have been actively signing some of the largest players in the industry to our contractual addendum and are happy to say that the majority of the large players signed prior to the fourth quarter holiday rush. As part of this push, these software companies modified their software so that it would not cause you to lose your LinkShare commissions. I am pleased to announce that, to date, most of the key players, including the companies listed below, have signed our addendum and are in compliance with its terms:

    WURLD Media/Buyer’s Port (Morpheus)
    TopMoxie (and their nine clients, including eBates, Upromise, etc.)
    ShopAtHome Select

    Hopefully, their cooperation will not go unnoticed by the merchants and affiliates in The LinkShare Network®.

    Let me conclude by thanking all of you who contributed to moving this discussion forward. LinkShare is grateful for all of your support.

    Best regards,
    Stephen Messer
    LinkShare Corporation

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    If your actions are all they appear, then I applaud your stand, Steve.

    When you came out with that onerous agreement designed to lock in affiliates and merchants, I abandoned Linkshare like a hot potato. That, along with technical problems serving reports, and mass confusion about what was really earned, all dampened my Linkshare merchant promotions and my Linkshare earnings slid from four figures a month to a small fraction of that, and they were replaced by CJ earnings because that's where my promotion efforts went.

    Any effective stand against parasites will be met with rewards of greater considerations on my part. I'll be giving Linkshare merchants more attention in the months ahead.

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    I did the exact same I'm wondering if I should switch back...but I can't remember if you consolodate earnings from all merchants into one check like CJ...or is it like BeFree?
    Thanks! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    Supras | Celicas

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